Zealot: Machine Learning for Email Marketing

An email marketer is like Sisyphus

…pushing that rock up the hill, preparing the next campaign. You finally reach the top of the hill and press the Send button. Phew, the campaign’s out, some sales are coming in, great!

And yet, the next morning, your rock is back to the bottom of the hill. You need to build a new campaign, from scratch, or your hard-earned email list will produce no sales. So like Sisyphus, you start all over again. And you even try to convince yourself that you’re happy doing it.

There has got to be a better way. Set up a live demo with us┬áto find out how the world’s leading consumer brands make email an asset, not a burden.

"Zealot connected to our product feed, and set up fully automated, personalized email campaigns that engage our customers and drive incremental revenue."
James R.
Sr Marketing Manager
"The team at Zealot has been a joy to work with. They understood our needs well; as a result, the AI solution for email is saving us hundreds of hours of work each month."
Hannah A.
Email Ops Specialist
"Zealot email program is driving 18% of our sales today as per our Google Analytics, and I can invest time into growing my business, instead of spending hours in Mailchimp."
Jennifer A.
Small Business Owner